Integrative oncology provides patients with safe options for combining conventional cancer
treatment with natural and supportive therapies. The goal of this collaboration among multi-disciplinary health care providers is to best support optimal health and well-being: physically, mentally and emotionally.

Within this model of integrative oncology, all providers work together to improve quality of life. Patients benefit from a coordinated approach to care as Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) collaborate with conventional providers at all stages:

  • At the time of diagnosis: to prepare the patient for what lies ahead.
  • During active treatment: to reduce side effects and potentially improve response to conventional care.
  • Post-treatment: to help with recovery and support prevention of recurrence with healthy lifestyle education.

Medical oncologists, surgeons and radiation oncologists focus their conventional, standard of care treatment on targeting tumour eradication.

NDs practicing integrative cancer care use natural and supportive therapies to reduce side effects, to help optimize conventional care and prevent recurrence.

The integrative oncology approach allows for shared medical record among providers, a higher standard of safety, and optimal patient-centered care.