9th Annual OncANP Conference ~ Feb 28-March 1st, 2020 ~ WeKoPa Resort & Conference Center | Scottsdale, Arizona

Conference Information


February 28th – March 1st, 2020
We-Ko-Paw Resort & Conference Center · Phoenix, AZ

The Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians (OncANP) has opened a Call for Abstracts from individuals interested in presenting at the Association’s 9th Annual Naturopathic Oncology Conference. The conference will take place Friday-Sunday,  February 28, 2020 through March 1st 2020 in Phoenix Arizona.

About the Association and Conference

The OncANP is a professional organization with a membership of licensed Naturopathic Physicians (NDs), naturopathic medical students and allied providers (MD, DO, NP, etc.) from across North America. Established in 2004, the OncANP is a recognized affiliate of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP).

The vision of OncANP is to enhance survival and quality of life for people living with cancer through the integration of naturopathic medicine into cancer care.

The OncANP advocates for collaboration with conventional providers, and is dedicated to advancing the science and application of naturopathic medicine within the field of standard cancer care and treatment.

OncANP Conferences typically has over 200 attendees, the majority of whom are naturopathic physicians and students, and the remainder other practitioners types.

Submissions are due by Monday, July 29th, 2019 at 9pm PDT/11:59pm EDT – no exceptions.

The OncANP will consider presentations that advance the practice of naturopathic oncology and integrative oncology and that have clinical relevance to physicians in practice.  A significant portion of each lecture should include the clinical application of the knowledge presented. This may include case presentations, clinical pearls, and/or practical skills/knowledge that attendees may put into practice on Monday morning.

We welcome submissions from ALL healthcare provider types including but not limited to naturopathic doctors, researchers, medical doctors, nutritionists, nurses, and all allied health providers.   The majority of the attendees are clinical naturopathic physicians, so we are seeking presentations that can be clinically relevant.

While open to ALL topics related to the practice of oncology, these areas have generated the most interest in prior conferences:

  1. Innovations (new treatment agents, applications, or strategies)

  2. Methods (prevention of side effects, increase effectiveness of chemotherapy, radiation and other treatments)

  3. Interventions (therapeutics, supplements, vitamins, herbs, diet, lifestyle etc.) with relevance for prevention and/or treatment of cancer.

  4. Strategies (for treating specific cancers, specific contributing factors, quality of life, etc)

  5. Patient care (communication, counseling, etc.)

  6. Outcomes (research summaries, case series)

  7. Foundations (updates, overviews of Diagnosis/Screening, contributing factors, biochemical/metabolic/molecular influences)

All abstracts must be submitted online using our submission form.  Click here to submit. Please note that online submissions must be performed in one session, so it is recommended that you have a working document that you can save and go back to if you are not prepared to complete everything at once.  

The selection committee will evaluate all abstracts.  Final speaker selection will be made by August 16th.  Initial lecture PowerPoints will be due November 19th.  All presentations will then undergo peer review prior to the conference. Final presentations will be expected to incorporate these critiques.

The abstracts will be evaluated by the following criteria:

  • Value of the learning objectives

  • Clarity of thought

  • Relevance to clinical practice

  • Absence of commercial influence and focus

  • Incorporation of clinical experience


To be considered as a presenter, please submit the following:

Qualifications for submitting an abstract:

  1.     Individuals must have been a licensed healthcare practitioner for at least 5 years, a medical researcher or, if other, please specify.

  2. Individuals may not submit more than two (2) abstracts for consideration

Please Provide the Following:

  1.     Speaker Personal Information

  2.      Full Name (with credentials)

  3.     Contact Info (email, phone, website and mailing address)

  4.     Title of Presentation

  5.     Abstract:  A summary of your proposed lecture’s content in less than 500 words.

  6.     Learning Objectives: Please provide 3-5 learning objectives for your presentation

  7.     Questions About Your Lecture

  8.      How is this topic relevant to naturopathic oncology?

  9.     What knowledge and clinical skills will attendees gain from this lecture?

  10.      What is your ideal time period for your presentation?

  11.     Have you presented this lecture before? (yes/no).  If yes, where and when

  12.      Describe the type of resources that you will use as the basis for your presentation. For example, published clinical trial evidence, pre-clinical studies, clinical experience, textbooks, etc.

*Please note: Speakers that are selected from this round will then be required to submit additional information in order to apply for Continuing Education credits and will be asked to sign a speaker contract once selected to present.

We are so excited to be hosting our 9th Annual OncANP Conference at the WeKoPA Resort and Conference Center

Room Block:
Start date: 
End date: 3/03/20
Last day to book: 2/4/20

Group Rate: $199

Davis Lamson Scholarship – Application Now Closed


The Davis Lamson Scholarship Fund helps bring students, residents and new ND graduates (1st and 2nd year) to the Annual OncANP Conference.

Dr. Lamson has been a major influence on the practice of naturopathic oncology and a huge supporter of the OncANP since its inception. In naming this scholarship in his honor we hope to recognize his contributions to the field.  Dr. Lamson has always set the example by helping educate our students and new doctors and facilitating their entrance into the practice of naturopathic oncology.


(Note: You must be an active OncANP member to apply.  Scholarships are open to students, residents and first and second-year naturopathic doctors only.)

All funds donated will go directly to registration fees, minus the 3% that PayPal charges.  All funds will be entered into a general fund and how much we raise will determine how many scholarships we are able to award.  Any extra funds that either surpass the number of applicants will carry over to the next year’s scholarship.

We thank you for your consideration in paying it forward to help our next generation continue to expand their knowledge base.

Attendee Refund Policy: 
Advanced registrants unable to attend will receive a refund of rate paid; minus a $50 processing charge, only when a written request is submitted to the OncANP at oncanp@gmail.com and received 30 days prior to the start of the event. Refunds will not be available after this date; no exceptions. If you are unable to attend, you may substitute a colleague for your entire registration. Absolutely no refunds will be issued for no-shows.