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Davis Lamson Scholarship

The OncANP is launching the Davis Lamson Scholarship Fund to help bring students and new ND graduates (1st and 2nd year) to the 2018 OncANP Conference. We want to make it easier for students and new doctors to attend our annual conferences.

Dr. Lamson has been a major influence on the practice of naturopathic oncology and a huge supporter of the OncANP since its inception. In naming this scholarship in his honor we hope to recognize his contributions to the field.  Dr. Lamson has always set the example by helping educate our students and new doctors and facilitating their entrance into the practice of naturopathic oncology.

TO DONATE to the Scholarship fund – Click the button below: 

Donations can be made in any amount by using the Paypal link below or you can send a check made payable to: “OncANP” to P.O. Box 20665, Juneau, AK 99802   (Please indicate “Lamson Scholarship” in the memo field.)

(Note: Scholarships are open to ONCANP student members and first and second year naturopathic doctors only.)

All funds donated will go directly to registration fees, minus the 3% that PayPal charges.  All funds will be entered into a general fund and how much we raise will determine on how many scholarships we are able to award.  Any extra funds that either surpass the number of applicants, or are a partial amount (1/3 of registration) will carry over to the next year’s scholarship.

We thank you for your consideration in paying it forward to help our next generation continue to expand their knowledge base.