Congrats to NDs presenting at SIO!

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Congrats to NDs presenting at SIO!

We would like to take this opportunity to recognize all of the wonderful oral and poster naturopathic oncology presentations that were give at this Fall’s Society of Integrative Oncology’s Annual Conference in Miami, FL.  It is so wonderful to have our profession represented along side our conventional colleagues.

Presentations Including:

Integrative Therapies for Breast Cancer Patients and Survivors: The Latest Evidence: Heather Greenlee, ND, PhD, MPH; Melissa J. DuPont-Reyes, MPH, MPhil; Lynda G. Balneaves, RN, PhD; Linda E. Carlson, PhD; Misha R. Cohen, OMD, LAc; Gary Deng, MD, PhD; Jillian A. Johnson, MSc; Matthew Mumber, MD; Dugald Seely, ND, MSc; Suzanna Zick, ND, MPH; Lindsay Boyce, MLIS; Debu Tripathy, MD

Fatigue Reduction Diet in Breast Cancer Survivors: A Pilot Randomized Clinical Trial: Suzanna Zick, Research Associate Professor, University of Michigan, Justin Colacino, Assistant Professor, University of Michigan, Zora Djuric, Research Professor, University of Michigan

Refining Behavioural Interventions for a Pragmatic Trial of Integrative Oncology Care for Thoracic Cancer:  J. Ennis, D. Seely, A. Seely, P. Chamberland, Herrington Threader, E. McDonell, L. Zhao

Development of an Intervention Palette of Natural Health Products for a Pragmatic Integrative Thoracic Cancer Trial: E. McDonell, D. Seely, A. Seely, L. Rambout, S. Kanji, J. Ennis, C. Spooner, L. Zhao


Integrative Oncology Research in Action: Stimulating Dialogue and collaboration Between Health Care Providers: D. Seely, A. Seely, D Maziak, D. Fergusson, T. Ramsay, J. Grimshaw, T. Asmis, R. MacRae, S. Laurie, R. Auer, R. Herrington, L. Alschuler, C. Finley, B. Nelems, C. Spooner, K. Thavorn, A. Fezekas, E. McDonell, J. Ennis

Vitamin D and Prostate Cancer: A Systematic ReviewT. Martin, H. Fritz, L. Weeks, B. Skidmore, K. Cooley, L. Balneaves, D. Fergusson, R. Breau, R. Wong, D. Seely 

Sustained Effect of Oral Green Tea Extract on Absolute Lymphocyte Count and Fatigue in a Patient with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia: A Case Report: T. Martin, L Weeks, D Seely 

Integrative Management of Breast Cancer-Related Lymphedema – A Case Report: M Winters, N Kohli, B Stevens

Sarracenia purpurea: A botanical extract with broad anti-herpes virus activity: Kozin, A., Ruiz, G., Turner, T., Nelson E., and Langland, J.O.

Turmeric Formulations in Adjunctive Cancer Treatment: A Systematic Review
J.S Clifford1, R. Salwan, V. Theriault, D.H. Nelson, S.Bhardwaj, T.E. McEachern, M.K.Abog, N. Aggarwal, S.J. Ip, K. Cooley

Integrative Mucositis Prophylaxis Program Fof Cancer Patients Undergoing Hematopoetic Stem Cell Transplantation – A Case Series Authors: Marie Winters, Michelle Niesley, Erika Carachilo a clinical tool for evidence informed decision-making in integrative oncology Authors: Heather Wright, Dugald Seely, Becky Skidmore, Anne Thiel, Caitlin Anstee, Corey Murphy, Jen Green

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