Cynthia Bye, ND, FABNO Awarded 2018 OncANP President’s Award

By Heather Wright, ND, FABNO, OncANP President

It was extremely difficult to select the recipient of the OncANP president’s award this year – first because I’ve so little experience being presidential and second because so much powerful work has been done in the last year by our committees. Dr. Eric Marsden from Toronto Ontario lead […]

KNOW Matching Campaign

Are You in the KNOW Yet?!

Join the Matching Donation Challenge for KNOW
at OncANP’s 2018 Annual Conference

The Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre (OICC) is challenging OncANP members and partners to join them in supporting a campaign to raise funds for the Knowledge in Naturopathic Oncology Website (KNOW). The goal is to raise […]

Dugald Seely, ND, M.Sc. wins 2017 Dr. Rogers Prize for Excellence in Complementary and Alternative Medicine


2017 Dr. Rogers Prize for Excellence in Complementary and Alternative Medicine awarded to Dr. Dugald Seely, ND, M.Sc.

Founder of Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre awarded $250,000 prize

Vancouver, BC (September 15, 2017): The 2017 Dr. Rogers Prize for Excellence in Complementary and Alternative Medicine was awarded to Dr. Dugald Seely of the Ottawa Integrative Cancer […]

Congrats to NDs presenting at SIO!

We would like to take this opportunity to recognize all of the wonderful oral and poster naturopathic oncology presentations that were give at this Fall’s Society of Integrative Oncology’s Annual Conference in Miami, FL.  It is so wonderful to have our profession represented along side our conventional colleagues.

Presentations Including:

Integrative Therapies for Breast Cancer Patients and […]

Cancer Survivorship – a role for integrative medicine in the new ‘epidemic’

by Dr. Hayley Erdman B.Sc (Hons), ND

Now, more than ever, there is a growing group of people who are living longer after their cancer diagnosis. According to the Canadian Cancer Society, between 1992-1994 and 2006-2008, 5-year survival rates increased from 56% to 63% for all cancers combined. This may be due to advances in detection, […]

A systematic review of integrative oncology programs

Commentary by Laura Weeks PhD and Dugald Seely ND, M.Sc.

In recent years, there are an increasing number of journal articles that describe examples of integrative oncology programs. This trend is encouraging, because it shows an increase in the interest and establishment of integrative oncology to support patients in their use of complementary therapies alongside standard conventional […]